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Rap and Reindeer

Revontulten räppäri


The documentary Rap and Reindeer follows the life of the 18-year-old Sámi rapper Mihkku Laiti, who lives in the northernmost corner of Sámiland. The film is a coming-of-age story, following Mihkku on his journey towards a career as a musician and rise to stardom in the midst of varying expectations. He’s charmed the crowd at the Talent Finland competition and proudly wears the traditional Sámi clothing he has styled himself. He raps and yoiks in harmony, designs his own brand on his computer but also masters the skill of laborious reindeer herding. Above all, he sees his own unique roots and the Sámi language as his greatest strengths. The future makes him wonder: to follow his father’s footsteps or to reach for his dreams.

Festivals: DocPoint 2023 Opening Film
: Petteri Saario
SCRIPTWRITERS: Petteri Saario, Matti Näränen
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Antti Saario, Petteri Saario
EDITOR: Matti Näränen
SOUND DESIGNER: Joonatan Hietanen
COMPOSERS: Markku Kanerva, Mihkku Laiti
PRODUCERS: Petteri Saario, Tiina Saario


Petteri Saario

is an award-winning documentarist who directs, shoots and produces his own films. In addition to these, he also writes and edits his documentaries and series. During his career, he has directed dozens of documentary series and films which have been screened on TV and film festivals around the world. He is the founder of DocArt and Taiga Films and manages both companies.

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