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Snot & Splash

Räkä ja Roiskis


An ordinary winter vacation turns into an adventure when it starts raining trash and all the holes in the city disappear. Snot and Splash solve the mystery while saving the world from getting sucked into a black hole.

DIRECTOR: Teemu Nikki
SCRIPT: Ilja Rautsi, Teemu Nikki, Jani Pösö
PRODUCERS: Jani Pösö, Ari Matikainen


Teemu Nikki

Teemu Nikki is a self-educated, award winning filmmaker and son of a pig farmer from Sysmä, Finland. His film Euthanizer was a festival success and the official Finnish Oscar entry for the 2019 Academy Awards. The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (2021) won the Orizzonti Extra Audience Award in Venice. Nikki has also directed numerous short films and popular series. Nikki’s style is best described as a good-willed yet unapologetic political satire of humanity.

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