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2023 | 15 min

Strangers in the Dark

Pimeän vieraat


Strangers in the Dark is an experimental film of how light pollution makes glow-worm's love life a living hell. Combining different techniques from animation to archive material the film follows glow worm's attempts to find a partner in an environment that is no longer dark at night. The story about light and darkness moves from the scale of planetary to microscopic, from the calmness of nature to a hectic city and from artificial light to the green shimmer of glow-worm's behind.

DIRECTORS: Perttu Inkilä, Jenni Pystynen
SCRIPT: Perttu Inkilä, Jenni Pystynen
SOUND DESIGN: Janne Jankeri
MUSIC: Timo Kaukolampi, Tuomo Puranen
EDITING: Jussi Sandhu
PRODUCER: Oona Saari


Perttu Inkilä

Perttu Inkilä is a Helsinki-based cinematographer who has directed and shot approx. 30 music videos and ten short films. He has graduated from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Film making for Inkilä is primarily being inspired by light, observing and sculpting it. His interest as a maker lies with the subconscious effects light and movement on the screen have on us rather than informative storytelling.

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Jenni Pystynen

Jenni Pystynen is a lighting designer working with light in various contexts from architecture to installations and performing arts to moving images. Pystynen has studied lighting design in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. In her designs Pystynen is interested in the subliminal and physiological impacts of light. Her greatest inspiration is the special Nordic sky and its wondrous light.

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