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In production | 15 min

White Trash


Pilvi, a single mother, is invited to a “white trash” costume party hosted by her affluent friends. She feels out of place in their world, and as the evening unfolds, her past choices and societal judgments come to the forefront. A phone call later in the night forces Pilvi to confront her role as a mother.

DIRECTOR: Teppo Airaksinen
SCRIPTWRITER: Melli Maikkula
PRODUCERS: John Lundsten, Melli Maikkula


Teppo Airaksinen

Teppo Airaksinen (b. 1982) has directed four feature films as well as several short films and series, including the Venla-award-winning comedy series Kimmo (2012–2014) and Downshifters (2015–2016). His short film Ceiling (2017) was in competition in Cannes where it received Special Distinction.

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