Johanna Vuoksenmaa

Johanna Vuoksenmaa is a Finnish writer-director and co-founder of production company Dionysos Films. In addition to winning awards, Johanna’s films and series have become some of Finland’s biggest audience hits – her feature film 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage (2013) still being the biggest box office hit written, directed, and produced by a woman in Finland. Johanna is known for her insightful and humorous take on everyday life which she explores through sharp observations about people.

Johanna’s latest series Hormones! premiered on Yle in 2023 and is about the effects of hormones in the lives of menopausal adults and their extended families.

Johanna is also a professional photographer whose pieces have travelled internationally in exhibitions, and she has written two books as well as song lyrics for several prominent Finnish pop and schlager artists.