Kristiina Karsten, Otso Reunanen & Silja Salmi

Kristiina Karsten (b. 1982), Otso Reunanen (b. 1980) and Silja Salmi (b. 1977) have been making short commissioned documentaries and educational videos together for over a decade. They co-direct, -write and -create everything they do, with Karsten specializing in editing, Reunanen in cinematography and Salmi in both production and in-depth interviews. They share a desire to make heartfelt and genuine films and bring significant, often personal matters to broader discussions. Karsten and Reunanen have BA in Film Art (Turku UAS’ Arts Academy, Finland). Both of them have years of experience in various film and video art projects. Salmi has an MA on Psychology (University of Helsinki, Finland). Beard is their debut film as independent filmmakers.