Wille Hyvönen

Film director-artist-music producer-rapper Wille Hyvönen aka Ville Valoton aka YUNG MILF (b. 1987) was born on the same day as Michael Moore and William Shakespeare, though 33 and 420(!) years later, thank god. Hyvönen graduated as Master of Arts from Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki Film School (2014). She has worked with films, music videos, video art and commercials for over two decades. Her films My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me, The Salesmen of Happiness and The Unknown have been in cinemas in Finland, and in television and festivals all over in Europe (Arte, DR, SVT, IDFA, Nordisk Panorama).

She is also producer of London based gangsta rapper ‘MR28 GRAMS’ (True Aether), ’angelicaa’ (SCORPIO RED, UK), ½ of a band called ‘Vikat’ (TA) with Celestial Trax and half of ’Yung Fruity Loops’ (No Snakes) with Ilari Kivelä. Hyvönen wrote this biography herself.