Environmental sustainability plan of the Finnish Film Foundation

Published on February 21, 2024

We operate sustainably and responsibly

Finnish Film Foundation works to promote and support a more environmentally sustainable film industry and develops its operations in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and doing our part in curbing climate change and biodiversity loss. In accordance with our strategy, we promote sustainable and responsible film production, distribution and exhibition together with the audiovisual industry.

Environmental policy goals

The goal of the Finnish Film Foundation’s environmental sustainability plan is to reduce the environmental impact from our own operations and to promote more environmentally friendly methods in all areas of film production and distribution.

Promoting ecological, social and financial responsibility within the film industry is one of the focus points of the Foundation’s strategy for 2024–2026.

We support more sustainable film production, exhibition and distribution through training, communication and support criteria in cooperation with other operators in the industry. Our sustainability activities are coordinated with the help of the EcoCompass environmental system, our internal sustainability team with representatives from the different departments of the Foundation, and in cooperation with domestic and international networks.

Our goals are

To promote the development of environmentally friendly approaches

  • We are developing a new strategy focused on impact measures aimed at decision-makers, with the aim of increasing the Foundation’s funding, and thus enabling the launch of sustainability incentives or support instruments intended for film productions.
  • We are carrying out a follow-up of the sustainability survey for production companies conducted in 2020, which maps the companies’ environmental strategies, sustainability measures used in production, and attitudes towards more ecological productions.
  • Environmental plans will be included in grant applications.
  • We work closely with the other Nordic film institutes to develop uniform environmental criteria and operating models through the Nordic Sustainability Working Group. The first joint project will train 19 green consultants for audiovisual productions while simultaneously producing a curriculum for Nordic film schools to start offering a green consultant course in each Nordic country.
  • We are developing a joint environmental strategy for the domestic audiovisual industry as a member of the sustainability strategy initiative steering group headed by Audiovisual Producers Finland – APFI.
  • We provide information about sustainability projects, training opportunities and best practices to the film industry actively and extensively.
  • We publish guides for more ecological practices in cooperation with organizations in the film industry.
  • We organize training events and seminars on topics related to sustainability in the film industry.
  • We cover more ecological forms of travel with the Foundation’s travel support.
  • To reduce traveling, the content of our events is made also available online, and we encourage our visitors and participants to use public transport.

To work sustainably and in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement

  • We aim to reduce our environmental impact and to minimize and compensate for our carbon footprint. We strive to act in an exemplary manner and actively develop our operations.
  • We save energy by regulating ventilation and lighting. We will switch to more energy-efficient lightbulbs in our Cinema and aim to curb energy loss. We will research and plan the installation of solar panels.
  • We maintain and improve our waste recycling and monitor its success. We will instruct our cinema customers about recycling as needed and recommend dish rental and catering services.
  • We develop our digital processes and working methods and create guidelines for personnel to minimize the digital footprint.
  • We consume responsibly and as ecologically as possible, sourcing recycled and eco-labeled products. At our own events, we will offer plant-based food and avoid waste by estimating order quantities based on advance registration.
  • We will prepare sustainable travel guidelines for the staff. We encourage personnel to commute with environmentally friendly methods by offering public transport tickets and free use of city bikes as employee benefits. The staff also has the option to work remotely. We compensate for our flight emissions by donating ten percent of our air travel budget to organizations that conserve the environment or increase carbon sinks. Only essential personnel participate in events that require flying, and we favour direct flights.
  • We introduce new personnel to our practices and values, offer training and information, and actively promote environmental issues.

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