Finnish Film Foundation joins the New Dawn fund promoting inclusion and equality

July 13, 2021

The fund was launched yesterday in Cannes.

The new international fund aims to create a vibrant, open and inclusive film industry with a true diversity of perspectives, filmic expressions and relevance for everyone.

The fund was initiated by the film institutes in the Netherlands and Sweden. Operations will begin in 2022. Other participating countries include Slovenia, Denmark, Luxembourg and the French and Flemish Belgium – more countries may join later. New Dawn will be administered by The Netherlands Film Fund.

Funding is available for projects from the contributing countries that have 50% of their budget in place. Funding is aimed at producers, screenwriters and directors from discriminated groups (following UN’s definition) who have not yet found their way into the film ecosystem.

There will be two funding rounds annually, with support for 5–10 feature-length projects. The maximum support sum for documentaries is 100,000 euros and for feature films, 200,000 euros. An independent selection committee from countries outside the fund will make the decisions.

Finnish Film Foundation will allocate 120,000 euros annually to the fund for the next three years. Details of the fund will be published later this year.

The Netherlands Film Fund’s press release