Nordic Animation in focus at Cartoon Movie

March 4, 2022

57 projects are presented this year, nine of which are from the Nordic countries.

Image: My True Imaginary Friend – Mr. Clutterbuck / Monkey Business Pictures

Cartoon Forum is a pitching and co-production forum for animated feature films, taking place on March 8–10, 2022, in Bordeaux, France.

Nordic countries are in spotlight this year, and 20 producers from the five countries will be present. The growing Nordic animation industry is known for its ageless storytelling tradition as well as creating new, modern story worlds.

Finnish projects in Cartoon Movie 2022:

In Development:

  • Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights, production companies: Animaker, Anima Vitae (Finland), Ulysses (Germany), A. Film (Denmark), Moetion (Ireland)
  • Born Happy, production companies: Atom Art (Latvia), Pikkukala (Finland), Letko (Poland)

In Concept:

  • My True Imaginary Friend – Mr. Clutterbuck, production companies: Monkey Business Pictures, Aurora Pictures (Finland)

Finnish Film Foundation has supported the development of Niko. The Nordic Spotlight is sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordisk Kulturfond, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute, Finnanimation, Icelandic Film Centre, as well as the Finnish and Norwegian Embassies to France.

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