The Magic Life of V, Birds in the Earth and Hole in the Ground go to Sundance

January 3, 2019

The Magic Life of V by Tonislav Hristov will compete in Sundance’s World Cinema Documentary Competition, among the 12 films selected. The film features a young Finnish woman who, through live role play, tries to find ways of helping herself and her brother face their family traumas. Hristov’s previous film, the EFA nominated The Good Postman, also premiered in Sundance.

The Magic Life of V is produced by Kaarle Aho and Kai Nordberg for Making Movies, as a Finnish-Danish-Bulgarian co-production.

Marja Helander’s dance film Birds in the Earth has been a festival favorite. Sundance selected the film to its shorts program. The film deals with questions of land ownership through an elegant and humorous performance of two young Sami ballet dancers.

The Irish-Finnish horror film Hole in the Ground by Lee Cronin will be screened in the Midnight section. Kati Outinen, one of Aki Kaurismäki’s regulars, has a major role in the film. The Finnish minority co-producer is Ulla Simonen from Made.