The results of environmental responsibility survey for production companies are published

September 25, 2020

The Finnish Film Foundation surveyed environmental measures and attitudes among film and TV production companies. The survey was conducted in August–September 2020 with 37 companies responding.

The survey revealed that 33 respondents named environmental responsibility as one of the company’s values. Half of the companies told they had an environmental strategy, which outlines how the environmental issues are considered in operation.

In addition, the survey mapped the challenges of implementing the environmental actions, as well as the ways public funding could support the companies in being more sustainable.

Lack of time and the overall shortage of resources in the field were highlighted as the main challenges in leading the companies towards more environmentally sustainable direction.

Over a third of the respondents supported a separate form of public funding for the sustainability of the productions. On the other hand, almost 18% of respondents favoured that environmental responsibility should be a part of the current funding’s criteria.

Supporting ecologically and socially sustainable development of the field is one of the Film Foundation’s key objectives. The survey results are used to create indicators to monitor both the development of environmental responsibility in the film field and the effectiveness of a possible funding.

The survey was implemented together with the authors of Ekosetti, Kaika Astikainen and Anne Puolanne. Ekosetti, also available in English, is a guidebook to ecologically sustainable production, written for the Finnish audiovisual industry. Ekosetti is funded by AVEK, APFI and Aalto University.