Three Finnish feature documentaries and six short films in Nordisk Panorama

August 12, 2022

The festival, which highlights Nordic documentary and short films, takes place September 22–27 in Malmö, Sweden.

Image: Service / Tekele Productions

Three Finnish feature documentaries are among the 15 films selected to compete for the title of the Best Nordic Documentary. All three films, supported by the Finnish Film Foundation, have had their international premiere already: Invisible Demons premiered in Cannes last year, Golden Land competed in early 2022 in Göteborg, and Ruthless Times will travel to Malmö from Locarno where it had its international premiere earlier this month.

Three films supported by the Finnish Film Foundation are in the competition sections for short films. Service, a short drama by Mikko Mäkelä, is a queer story about a young man and his estranged father. The Landing, a short animation by Kaisa Penttilä, takes place in a zoo with strange looking creatures. Lizard Brain, by Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall, is a minority co-production with Sweden. The film is co-produced by Emilia Haukka from Aamu Film Company.

Competition sections

Best Nordic Documentary

  • Golden Land / dir. Inka Achté / Finland, Norway, Sweden, 2022
  • Invisible Demons / dir. Rahul Jain / Finland, Germany, 2021
  • Ruthless Times – Songs of Care / dir. Susanna Helke / Finland, 2022
  • A House Made of Splinters / dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont / Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, 2022

Best Nordic Short

  • Le Saboteur / dir. Anssi Kasitonni / Finland, 2022
  • True Bug / dir. Tuisku Lehto / Finland, 2022
  • Lizard Brain / dir. Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall / Sweden, Finland, 2022

New Nordic Voice

  • Fardosa / dir. Iqlaas Osman, Anton Tammi, Rukia Mahamed / Finland, UK, 2021
  • Service / dir. Mikko Mäkelä / Finland, 2022
  • Blue Note / dir. Pavel Andonov / Finland, UK, 2022

Young Nordic

Nordisk Panorama Forum


  • Clout Chasers – like, follow and love me / dir. Krista Moisio, Anna-Maija Heinonen / Polygraf
  • In a Box / dir. Liinu Grönlund, Okku Nuutilainen / Tuffi Films
  • Regina / dir. Panu Suuronen / Mediawan Finland
  • Like Father Like Son / dir. Jukka Kärkkäinen / Mouka Filmi
  • Last Carriage / dir. Inka Achté / napafilms


  • Finnish Bears / dir. Otso Alanko / Kameron
  • My Beloved Child / dir. Joonas Berghäll / Oktober
  • The Last Chapter / dir. Mohamed El Aboudi / Icebreaker Productions
  • Do No Harm / dir. Satu Majava, Joel Tainio / Kolmas Näytös
  • Burn the Ginger / dir. Oskari Pastila / Emerald Gate Industries

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