Twelve Projects Receive The Finnish Film Foundation’s Production Support in September

September 25, 2018

The production company Lucy Loves Drama was awarded 610,000 euros for White Hunger (Nälkävuosi), a feature film directed and scripted by Mikko Kuparinen. The story, set during the Finnish famine in the 19th century, is based on a novel from 2012 by Aki Ollikainen.

Don Films will co-produce Valery Todorovsky’s Hypnosis. Marmot Films from Russia is the main production company, and Post Control from Finland is also on board. Don Films and Marmot Films’ previous co-production was Arrhytmia.

Euphoria Film got green light for the feature documentary Aalto. Virpi Suutari, whose Entrepreneur is currently touring the festival circuit, will write and direct. The film centers around Alvar Aalto and Aino Aalto, the Finnish masters of modernist architecture and design.

Made got support Jerzy Sladkowski’s documentary feature Bitter Love. They are a minority co-producer, with the Swedish company Ginestra leading the production. Made co-produced also Sladkowski’s previous film, the award-winning documentary Don Juan.

Tuffi Films got production support for six short films in their series of short films detailing the harassment that women have to deal with in their lives. The series is called One-off Incident, and the first five films got production support from The Finnish Film Foundation already in May 2018.

This year’s last production support meeting will be in mid-November and the results are published at the end of November.

All Supported Projects

Feature Films

White Hunger (Nälkävuosi)
Producers: Oskari Huttu, Marko Antila, Mikko Räisänen / Lucy Loves Drama
Director & writer: Mikko Kuparinen
Support sum: 610,000 euros

minority co-production
Producer: Aleksi Hyvärinen / Don Films
Director: Valery Todorovsky
Writer: Lyubov Mulmenko
Support sum: 125,000 euros 

Feature Documentary Films

Forest Trade Center (Suuri Savotta)
Producer: Eero Heinonen / Art Slow
Director & writer: Jani Salminen
Support sum: 54,500 euros

Cosmic Cowboy (Mystinen metsätyömies)
Producer: Liisa Akimof / Production House Finland
Director & writer: Mikko Mattila
Support sum: 60,000 euros

Nature Symphony (Luontosinfonia)
Producers: Hanna Järvinen, Marko Röhr / MRP Matila Röhr Productions
Director: Marko Röhr
Support sum: 50,000 euros

Producer: Timo Vierimaa / Euphoria Film
Director & writer: Virpi Suutari
Support sum: 124,000 euros

Bitter Love
minority co-production
Producer: Ulla Simonen / Made
Director & writer: Jerzy Sladkowski
Support sum: 33,000 euros

Skiing in Scarves
minority co-production
Producer: Ari Matikainen / Kinocompany Finland
Director & writer: Haidy Kancler
Support sum: 30,000 euros

Short Films

One-off Incident (Yksittäistapaus)
Producer: Elli Toivoniemi
Directors: Sonya Lindfors, Aino Suni, Anna Paavilainen, Jenni Toivoniemi, Miia Tervo, Tine Alavi, Ulla Heikkilä
Writers: Maryan Abdulkarim, Sonya Lindfors, Anna Paavilainen, Aino Suni, Saara Särmä, Jenni Toivoniemi, Kirsikka Saari, Miia Tervo
Support sum: 100,000 euros

The Explosion of a Lifesaver (Explosionen av en badring)
Producer: John Lundsten / TACK Films
Director & writer: Tommi Seitajoki
Support sum: 40,000 euros

documentary short
Producer: Valtteri Munkki / Side Stories
Director: Otto Heikola
Writers: Otto Heikola, Anniina Kauttonen
Support sum: 33,000 euros

minority co-production
Producer: Merja Ritola / Greenlit Productions
Director: Leeni Linna
Writers: Leeni Linna, Leana Jalukse 
Support sum: 14,000 euros