Upcoming changes in the Finnish Film Foundation’s application system log in procedure

June 24, 2021

The Finnish Film Foundation’s new support application system will be launched in September 2021. In the new system you can:

  • fill out and submit your support application
  • supplement your application
  • receive your support decision
  • appeal your decision
  • submit your final report

Logging in to the new system

The new application system will utilize Suomi.fi e-Identification. Suomi.fi e-Identification is a shared identification service for public sector e-services in Finland. It is used for services in which users must be identified reliably.

Suomi.fi e-Identification uses either online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certification card.

You will not be able to log in to the new application system using your existing Finnish Film Foundation Customer ID.

Logging in on behalf of a company, association, or organisation

A support application can be submitted on behalf of a company, association, or organization by the person authorized with representational and transactional rights in the Trade Register, Business Information System or Register of Associations.

This representative can also grant mandates in Suomi.fi e-Authorizations for other individuals within the company to act on behalf of the company in the Film Foundation’s application system.

The Finnish Film Foundation’s application system falls under the mandate category of “Applying for State Aid”.

Some organisations (e.g. municipalities, schools) cannot independently grant mandates in Suomi.fi e-Authorizations, but they can use a service to grant a mandate with an application.

The mandate application process at Suomi.fi can been very busy so it might take weeks for the application to go through.

Logging in as an individual

Private individuals applying for grants or other support for themselves or on behalf of a working group can log in using their own online banking codes.


More information about the launch of the new application system will be sent out in August.