Getaways & Dreams in 1-2 Competition in Warsaw Film Festival

October 4, 2023

Kaisa El Ramly’s debut feature is in the 1-2 Competition for first and second feature films. Warsaw International Film Festival takes place October 6–15, 2023.

Image: Laura Mainiemi

Getaways & Dreams, a drama comedy written and directed by Kaisa El Ramly, is a story about encounters, collisions and awakenings taking place during one summer day on a road and its nearby surroundings. All of the characters struggle with their own challenging life situations, and in their individual ways try to survive either by escaping life or dreaming about another existence.

Kaisa El Ramly received the Best Pitch Award for the project in Nordic Talents 2016. The film premiered last September at Love & Anarchy – Helsinki International Film Festival. Its theatrical premiere in Finland is on December 1, 2023. Getaways & Dreams is produced by Klaus Heydemann and Erik Andersson for Inland Film Company.

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