Sihja, the Rebel Fairy and Any Day Now compete in Giffoni

July 13, 2021

The Italian festival focusing on films for children and the youth takes place July 21–31, 2021.

Any Day Now, a drama about a family of asulym seekers directed by Hamy Ramezan, is in the Generator 13+ competition in Giffoni. The film had its international premiere in Berlinale – online in March for the industry audience and live in an outdoor cinema in June. The domestic premiere was in the fall of 2020.Sihja, the Rebel Fairy (image above), a children’s film directed by Marja Pyykkö, is in the Elements +6 competition. It is an adventurous story about a friendship between a child and a fairy who fight together to save the environment. The film has previously screened in BUFF Malmö and its domestic premiere is in August.

A Finnish minority coproduction is in the Gex Doc competition: Kids Cup by Line Hatland. The documentary film follows an international children’s football tournament in Norway. The Finnish coproducer is Ari Matikainen from Kinocompany.

Giffoni Film Festival