The Finnish Film Foundation’s new strategy aims to secure the operating conditions of the film industry

March 11, 2024

The three year strategy aims to secure the operating conditions of the domestic film industry in the midst of cuts in public cultural funding. Finnish cinema, which is currently enjoying exceptional success both domestically and internationally, is in danger of losing its competitiveness, reach and growth potential.

The public funding of film culture, which is already years behind development, is facing further cuts making the coming years exceptionally challenging for both the operation of the film foundation and the viability of the entire audiovisual industry. The film foundation’s support funds (€24 million) are still at the same level as they were in 2014, which means that due to inflation, the amount of money available for support is about 8 million euros less than ten years ago. In other Nordic countries, the film industry is supported with more than twice the support budgets. Cutting subsidies means reducing production volumes, which makes it difficult for companies in the sector to be viable and limits the variety in productions.

The national cinema network is also in danger of collapsing as the current digital projection equipment, original installed with the aid of public support, become outdated. Cinemas operating in small and medium-sized towns do not have the conditions for the one-time investment required for hardware upgrades without public support. At worst, this means the closing of dozens of movie theaters every year around Finland.

The Finnish film industry has commendably developed its operations in a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable direction in recent years. However, the promotion of a new kind of production culture desperately needs additional resources, e.g. in the form of new support instruments.

The Finnish Film Foundation’s strategic priorities for the next three-year period:

1. Securing the operational capacity of the Film Foundation

We strive to strengthen the position and profile of an independent Film Foundation in the eyes of decision-makers. We aim to increase the operating funds of the Foundation in order to remedy the constant lack of resources. We respond to the growing number of applications by simplifying processing procedures. We want to take care of our personnel’s well-being by focusing on core tasks and exploring the possibilities of utilising artificial intelligence.

2. Increasing funding

We aim to increase cultural funding in accordance with the Target Program of the Audiovisual Industry. We are trying to ensure that the additional funds brought by the AVMS directive are channeled through the Film Foundation for further allocation.

3. Support policy corresponding to needs

We plan for a more flexible support policy, where support funds are allocated annually to the most acute needs in terms of the industry’s operations. We want to promote a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable production culture as well as equality in the film industry through training, funding and support criteria in cooperation with other operators in the industry.

4. Securing film distribution in Finland and internationally

We are trying to secure the operating conditions of the cinema network covering the entire country by allocating more support funds to updating outdated screening technology in small and medium-sized towns. We support foreign distribution by investing in internationally convincing projects and creators.


Finnish Film Foundation’s strategy 2024 – 2026