Sustainability Sprint

A sustainability challenge for you and your production company to  take a step forward in creating more sustainable productions in the future.

Goal of the Day

Sustainability planning during production can feel like extra work and too overwhelming to get into. With this little exercise you and your company will take one concrete step towards bringing sustainability thinking into everyday decision making. Also, taking the time to do this in an unhurried environment helps you to stop and really think about the pros and cons of different choices when it comes to the social, ecological and economical aspects of sustainability. 

This sprint can be done multiple times and each time you will have a more in depth understanding of the impact of your choices and decisions.

Sprint Rules

Gather a group of people from your work place and set a date and time for a two-hour sustainability sprint.

  1. Split the people into groups of 2 – 4 people and share this introduction site with all the attendees (15 min).
  2. Each group chooses one decision making moment in production. The moment can be from any department and from any stage or hot spot of the production (15 min).
  3. Each group will take a deep dive into that moment and look for the most sustainable solution for all aspects of sustainability: social, ecological and economical (see the examples below) (1 h).
  4. Finally, gather the groups together and share the moments and the thinking processes behind each group’s solutions (30 min).






Download template


Choose one decision making moment in production with regard to one of the
“hot spots” or themes below.

TIP! To get the conversation going group members can start the task by choosing a role through which they want to review the decision making moment.

Examples of roles: critic, ideator, enthusiast, skeptic, analyzer etc.

More information about sustainable productions:

Ekosetti Guidebook

Ekosetti is a guidebook to environmentally sustainable operations, written for the Finnish audiovisual industry. It contains practical points on how to make domestic productions more environmentally friendly, and its goal is to inspire the industry to adopt a greener production culture.

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Sustainable Production in Lapland

Sustainable productions reduce their footprints via measuring tools, utilizing the circular economy & Everyone’s Right and Responsibility and promoting climate-friendly lifestyles.

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Film Lapland Code of Conduct & Production Guide

The Film Lapland Code of Conduct & Production Guide cover best practices when filming in the wilderness or downtown,  regional & national culture, and information about support & production services.

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