What will change in the new application system?

September 14, 2021

Finnish Film Foundation’s application system will change in September. Data is currently being transferred to the new system from the old system, due to which the system is temporarily closed. The new system will open on September 20, 2021.

The new application system will contain a number of much-requested improvements for both applicants and the Foundation’s staff who process the applications. Feedback and questions about the application system can be sent to hakemukset@ses.fi.

The system will open in Finnish. Swedish and English versions will be released as soon as possible.

What will change?

  • In future, you will log in using Suomi.fi credentials. Read more in the previous news story.
  • Decisions will no longer come by letter in the post.
    Decisions on grant applications will be made available in the system on a separate page. When the decision is updated in the system, the applicant is informed by e-mail. However, the e-mail does not contain the decision, and the applicant must log in to the system to view the decision.
  • In future, it will not be possible to submit an application until all the mandatory attachments have been uploaded.
    Mandatory attachments have been defined for each type of grant. When uploading an attachment, the correct attachment type must be selected from the menu.
  • Application attachments will be in a separate folder from reporting and final report attachments.
    The attachments in the application phase go in their own folder which closes when a decision has been made on the application. There will be a separate folder for reporting and final report attachments in the system.

    In the case of development and production support, contract attachments will also be in a separate folder in the system.

  • In future, the account number will be part of the applicant’s information.
    Previously, the account number was requested in each new application. In the new system, it must be added to the applicant’s information, after which it does not need to be given separately in each application.
  • Starting next year, the application periods will end at 4 pm.
    In order to be able to provide better service in the final hours of the application period, from the beginning of 2022, application rounds will end at 4 pm on the final application date.