Changing Landscape of Film Sales -seminaari


Suomen elokuvasäätiö järjestää yhteistyössä Luova Eurooppa -yhteyspisteen kanssa elokuvien ja tv-sarjojen myyntiin keskittyvän seminaarin tiistaina 4.12.2018 klo 13.00–16.30 Suomen elokuvasäätiön Kino K-13 -elokuvateatterissa (Kanavakatu 12, Helsinki). Seminaarin otsikkona on Changing Landscape of Film Sales – from Arthouse cinema releases towards new business models of TV Series.

Seminaarin ohjelma 4.12.

13.00 Jaana Puskala: Opening of the seminar

13.15 Jussi Rantamäki: Hymyilevä mies – The Happiest Day in the Life of a producer

14.00 Kerstin Degerman: Latest News from Creative Europe/Media

14.10 Questions, Comments, Discussion

14.30 Coffee Break

14.45 Rikke Ennis & Helene Aurø (REinvent Studios): Navigating in the changing media landscape – How to turn chaos into new opportunities

16.10 Questions & Discussion

16.30 End of the seminar

Seminaari on ilmainen ja avoin kaikille kiinnostuneille. Seminaari pidetään englanniksi. Ilmoittautuminen vaaditaan. Ilmoittautumiset oheisen linkin kautta:


Lisätietoja tanskalaisista puhujista:

REinvent Studios is a packaging, sales and finance studio all in one. We have an extensive knowledge of original trends and sales opportunities on both the Scandinavian and international market and work with the best of class European production companies. Reinvent represent fiction programmes from production companies in the industry and we have recently entered a strategic partnership with SF Studios, which produced some of the best Scandinavian Tv-series.

REinvent Studios is a company that provides three core services that are essential to the global TV and Film Industry:

  • Packaging is ‘connecting the dots’ that are necessary for a project. This ranges from assessing a concept and/or script, finding the right cast, and to financing the project.
  • In the financing department Reinvent primarily offer projects different loan services, such as cash flow loans, gap loans and even private equity.
  • Finally, Reinvent International Sales sell the projects in the best possible way on the international market. The sales cover cofinancing, presales and sales of readymades and scripted content. Reinvent is present at all major markets such as Miptv, Mipcom, Berlin Film festival, Series Mania.

Short bio of CEO Rikke Ennis:
Since 2008, Rikke Ennis has been CEO at TrustNordisk, the biggest feature film sales agent in the Nordic region. In 2018 she started her own company REinvent Studios, a mini-studio specialized in development, packaging, sales and finance of Nordic content. During her time at TrustNordisk, Rikke has been responsible for the sales of some of the biggest feature films from Scandinavia counting: the Dogme films (The Idiots, The Celebration, Mifunes best song), AntiChrist, Melancolia, Nymphomaniac, the Hunt, In a Better World, Love is all you need, The Wave…

Short bio of Helene Aurø, Sales & Marketing Director:
Helene has been responsible for the sales of documentaries, formats and fiction series from all the Nordic countries and especially from DR for the last 20 years. From 2003 until 2018, she has been Sales & Marketing Director at DR Sales responsible for a team of 12 and making a turn around for Nordic content which at the time was not know in Europe and the USA. She has marketed Nordic content on a global level and each series sold to more than 40 to 80 countries. She has sold all types of rights: TV, DVD, TVOD, SVOD, remakes etc. Among her clients are all the main players like BBC, Netflix, ARTE, FOX, and many others. Among the sold series are: Borgen, The Killing, Nikolai & Julie, The Legacy, Liberty, Norskov, Splitting up together, Follow the money, Home Ground, State of Happiness.