Finns and The Five Nordics at Marché du Film in Cannes

April 29, 2024

Marché du Film takes place May 14–22, 2024, during Festival de Cannes. The umbrella organization for the Nordic countries launches its new name at the event.

Finnish Film Foundation joins the festival bustle in Cannes together with the other Nordic film institutes. During last winter and spring, we have prepared the launch of our new brand which is connected to our new strategic goals: we are working ever more closely with international promotion, research, sustainability, and co-productions.

From now on, the Nordic countries come together under The Five Nordics banner. A new website,, has been opened, and we share our news also on Instagram and Facebook.

In Cannes, The Five Nordics gather for the third year on 11 Square Mérimée, right opposite the Palais, known now as the Nordic House.

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Finns at Marché du Film

The Five Nordics Showcase is one of the projects we cooperate on this year. The Finnish documentary film in the showcase is The Arctic Circle of Lust, directed by Markku Heikkinen and produced by Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen for Zone2 Pictures. It is a warm-hearted film about ordinary Finnish men of the north who face an unnamed sexual desire, bisexuality, and need to decide whether to keep their secrets or come out of the closet.

Co-producing short films is the focus in The New Producers Room. Tommi Seitajoki (Impressio Films) is among the 10 selected producers looking to expand their networks and learn about the international industry.

Young Nordic Producers Club invites a host of producers early in their career to Cannes. The Finns in group are Nora Kuusisto (Dionysos Films), Oona Saari (Illume), Mia Palmgren (Character House), Joon Tervakari (Tarasow Films) and Anna Nuru (Solar Films).

Finnish market screenings

Global Screen organizes a buyers-only screening for the upcoming animated sequel Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights, directed by Kari Juusonen and Jørgen Lerdam.

REinvent is screening After Us, the Flood, a science fiction drama by Arto Halonen.

Picture Tree International is showing Butterflies (dir. Jenni Toivoniemi), The Missile (dir. Miia Tervo) ja Stormskerry Maja (dir. Tiina Lymi) in the market.

Finnish Film Foundation has selected three new short films to the Short Film Corneriin. In addition, one Finnish short documentary is also in the program curated by DOK Leipzig:

  • Amidst, directed by Pia Andell
  • Peppermint Diesel 20%, directed by Mariangela Pluchino
  • One of Us, directed by Niina Vuorisara
  • In the DOK Leipzig program: 30 Kilometers per Second, directed by Jani Peltonen  

Marché du Film