Hit Big and other Finnish films in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

November 8, 2022

14 Finnish films and three minority co-productions are in the programme of the Estonian A-list festival which takes place November 11–27.

Image: from the film Hit Big, Elokuvayhtiö Komeetta / Sami Kuokkanen

Hit Big, the latest film from JP Valkeapää (Dogs Don’t Wear Pants), will have its international premiere in the Official Competition of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Set in Costa del Sol, Spain, the film is a story about  a Finnish family abandoned by a crime boss who take their own back by stealing the haul of a major heist. Hit Big will open domestically on November 11.

Another film premiering in Tallinn is Tuulikki, a short film from Teemu Nikki which was selected to the Shorts Live-Action Competition. It is a film about a mother-daughter relationship that escalates when the circumstances prove too much for both of them.

See below a full list of Finnish films and projects in Tallinn.

Official Competition

Children’s Competition

Children’s Programme

Youth Programme


  • Karaoke Paradise (dir. Einari Paakkanen)
  • A House Made of Splinters (dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont), Danish-Finnish-Swedish-Ukrainian co-production
  • Innocence (dir. Guy Davidi), Danish-Finnish-Israeli-Icelandic co-production

Environmental Film Programme

Shorts Live-Action Competition

  • Le Saboteur (dir. Anssi Kasitonni)
  • Tuulikki (dir. Teemu Nikki)

Shorts Animation Competition

Shorts Alternatives

  • Bon Voyage (dir. Jussi Sandhu, Sakari Suuronen)
  • Crazy Crabs from Outer Space (dir. Magdaleena Jakkila)


  • Polar Night Light (dir. Niko Väistö)

Rebels with Their Shorts



  • Death is a Problem for the Living (dir. Teemu Nikki), produced by It’s Alive
  • 8 Views of Lake Biwa (dir. Marko Raat), produced by Allfilm (Estonia), Bufo
  • Snot and Splash (dir. Teemu Nikki), produced by It’s Alive

Co-Production Market

  • The Kidnapping of a President (dir. Samuli Valkama), produced by TACK Films

TV Beats Co-Financing Marketissa

  • Sam Wylde: Bodyguard

Black Night Stars

  • Aamu Milonoff (Girl Picture)

Black Nights FF